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Business owners are experts in their individual fields but are usually not so familiar with the financial markets. Often decisions around FX are ill-informed or just an after thought. Even worse, businesses can be ill-advised by banks and brokers who are looking to maximise their own profit. With a combined 80+ years helping organisations successfully navigate the financial markets, we are now using our experience and knowledge to enable companies, like yours, to more efficiently and confidently manage their currency exposures.


Small and medium sized businesses, in particular, are often not adequately resourced to manage the risks they face from having overseas income or expenses. In fact FX volatility can impact on organisations in many ways, from creating near term cash flow and earnings volatility, to influencing competitive positions and strategic opportunities over longer time horizons. Fully understanding the multi-faceted relationship between FX movements, underlying commercial dynamics such as Trade Finance, and other risk exposures is essential when designing an effective currency risk management programme to protect or optimise profitability. CFP are on your side. Our advice is impartial. Our sole motivation is to save you money and protect your business. We ensure that you are trading the most appropriate products at the tightest possible spreads thus efficiently managing your currency risk.


about Paul Atkinson

Paul Atkinson

Until recently Paul worked in treasury risk management within a number of major international and high street banks for 30+ years. He spent his initial years developing his risk management knowledge at ABN Amro Bank before joining National Australia Bank where he was instrumental in developing the Yorkshire Bank Treasury. After 7 years in this lead role, Paul joined Barclays Bank in 2005 to lead and develop out their Northern Treasury franchise.


Paul has extensive knowledge and experience across FX, Interest rates and Commodities. He has helped many clients from SME to FTSE 250 develop their governance and strategy around a solid risk management framework. He has been involved in some of the largest UK client transactions of the last 10 years, providing bespoke innovative solutions to manage their  transactional, translational and event risk.

About Jonny Newman

Jonny Newman

Jonny has spent the past 18 years working for major banking institutions, advising organisations on foreign exchange (FX) and Interest Rate (IR) risk management issues. He is a specialist in all FX products and how they should be applied in the risk management process and is well connected across the entire FX community – within both the banking and broking worlds. From 2011 to 2019 Jonny was a senior manager at UBS Investment Bank with responsibility for advising clients on all matters relating to foreign exchange and treasury risk management.


From 2004 – 2011 Jonny was a Director at Barclays Capital in the Risk Solutions Group. He managed a team of FX and Interest Rate consultants covering SME’s, AIM/FTSE 250 listed and large private companies. The team advised on day-to-day risk management issues as well as designing and implementing bespoke hedging policies. Prior to this, Jonny spent time at Goldman Sachs and Credit Agricole.

About Richard Childs

Richard Childs

Richard has 35 years banking experience, the last 24 of which were spent working in treasury risk management roles in corporate and investment banking. In his last role at Barclays he was a senior manager running the UK and Ireland Corporate Foreign Exchange business, responsible for the team servicing mid to large corporate clients. Richard has extensive experience in structuring and selling FX and Rates derivatives and has helped many corporate clients develop their risk management strategies, often assisting in presenting bespoke solutions at board meetings.


He understands the importance of peer analysis and is an advocate of dynamic risk management. In addition to assisting clients manage their transactional flows, Richard also has experience in helping to manage event lead risk.The last decade has seen an increase in regulation and as a result Richard is acutely aware of the need to consider the suitability of a product for his clients. He has developed both policies and product registers to ensure appropriateness in terms of both product and pricing.